Roman Museum Rheinbach


Watercourse yesterday and today

The ancient Roman canal is the best Roman engineering, laid out over 95 kilometres as a pure gradient water pipe to provide the inhabitants of Colonia Agrippina, today Cologne, with fresh water from the Eifel.

The Roman canal hiking trail now runs along the partially restored building from around 80-90 AD. Half way between Nettersheim and Cologne, the information centre is located in the heart of Rheinbach. To ensure that the water finds its proper course here too, TTC stainless steel façade gutters with grating covers were installed.

LED light lines on the facade put the building in the right light and continue the old Roman canal in the exhibition. LED downlights and light lines with LED spots with different beam angles provide good lighting for the exhibition rooms and exhibits on the theme of “How water learned to walk”.

Let our lights show you the way through the paths of the past.

Architect: Beyss Architekten

Photographer: Peter von Pigage

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Roman Museum Rheinbach

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