Natural History Museum, Braunschweig

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Light and Air

With over 62,000 specimens, the State Natural History Museum Braunschweig has the largest collection of birds in Lower Saxony. Only a small part of the specimens is represented in the newly refurbished and expanded bird hall, but it is very impressive. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a staged flight of birds that hovers over their heads on the ceiling, which is partially open in a free form. The opening in the ceiling and offset, vertically backlit walls create a light, dynamic atmosphere that evokes a feeling of freedom and flight. A light animation that simulates cloud draughts, the position of the sun and twilight intensifies the effect and makes the birds appear to float.

The magnetic LED-Luc MiniSpots are used for targeted illumination of the exhibits on the ceiling and in the showcases. Some of the spots were placed in round, also black anodised recessed ceiling installation housings.

Exhibition Design: Waidmann/Post, Braunschweig

Photographer: Anja Basilius

Reference document

Natural History Museum

Press: LICHT 08.21 – Natural History Museum

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