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When it was founded in 1895, the Jewish Museum in Vienna was the first in the world to deal with the culture and history of the Jews. Closed by the National Socialists in 1938, it then took until the 1990s to reopen.

Today, the Jewish Museum of the City of Vienna has to locations, one of them on Judenplatz, the former heart of the Jewish community in Vienna.

The LED-Luc minispot, which is as subtle as it is powerful, skilfully highlights the coins of the collection displayed in showcases. The magnetic ball joint allows the minispot to swivel completely for optimal illumination of the exhibits, while an additional screw-on honeycomb grid attachment provides additional
glare control.


Light design: HL Lichttechnik

Client: Jewish Museum of the City of Vienna

product pictures: Peter von Pigage

Photos: M.O. da Silva Pinto | TTC Timmler Technology


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Museum Judenplatz, Wien

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