LED-Luc Minispot

Mittelslowakisches Museum im Thurzo-Haus

| Banská Bystrica/Slowakei |

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The Central Slovak Museum – actually Stredoslovenské muzéum – is housed in three different locations in Banská Bystrica. One of them is the Thurzo House, one of the oldest surviving buildings from the 15th century, named after its former owner, the mining entrepreneur Johann Thurzo. Exhibits from precisely this period, when Banská Bystrica was an important European copper town, as well as archaeological finds and baroque art are displayed here.

An ideal location for the magnetic LED Luc Minispot. Placed in showcases, each exhibit receives the best possible illumination thanks to the fully swivelling ball joint. The cabling is elegantly concealed in the metal linkage.

Client + Showcase Design: Domo Glass

Photographer: TTC Timmler Technology


Central Slovak Museum

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LED Luc MiniSpot