Light guidance system

Innovative thinking has been the guiding principle in the development of our forward-thinking products since day one.

Our goal is to harmonize sustainability and progress. The ADO toplight multifunctional light control system embodies this approach, as it not only allows the use of daylight all year round, but also serves as a transparent sun protection and photovoltaic power generator. This is achieved by a targeted redirection of sunlight into the depth of the room. The daylight, directed both horizontally and vertically, is directed to the ceiling without glare and reflects from there onto the working level. This reduces the operation of artificial lighting equipment and minimises electricity costs. ADO toplight is maintenance-free and can be used both inside the skylight insulating glazing and in front of the facade glazing. For the architect, this opens up a wide range of application and design options for new and old buildings. The installation is always vertical.

The arrangement in the skylight level allows visual contact to the outside as well as maintaining  the relationship to the outside world. External rigid or movable sun protection devices can be installed below the skylight and do not impair the function of the light control system. We recommend a height of the light control system that should correspond to approx. 1/10 of the room height.

In combination with self-regulating artificial lighting fixtures, savings of up to 60% in lighting current can be achieved. The additional use of highly polished ADO ceiling reflectors optimises light distribution and illuminance.

Project photos