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Good architecture needs good light


The Cologne office of HPP architects is literally located under the roof of the former district hall of the city of Cologne.

As so often in life, it’s the mixture that makes it: old meets new, there are individual and open-plan offices, meeting rooms and lounges – sometimes very clean with white walls, then again in
a slightly brutalist look with raw concrete on the walls.

For better acoustics, baffles were suspended from the ceilings in the open-plan rooms. In between, the LED-Gallagos are elegantly integrated as pendant luminaires. In the individual offices, they are used as surface-mounted ceiling luminaires.

In the two meeting rooms. LED-Linargo luminaires were installed as surface-mounted ceiling luminaires with integrated LED-Luc 60-1


Client: HPP Architekten, Cologne

Light designer: DNI Light, Hemer

Photographer: Peter von Pigage

Photos: TTC Timmler Technology


Reference document

HPP Architekten, Cologne

Used Products

LED Gallago

LED Linargo

LED Luc 60-1