Grand Nancy Thermal – France

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Light and Water

Nancy may not be particulary large, but the city is truly an experience with its numerous Art Nouveau buildings and spacious squares. One of these buildings is the thermal baths, which architect
Louis Lanternier began building in the 1910s, but which remained unfinished due to Lanternier’s death and the onset of the First World War.

The complexe is now a listed building. In recent years, it has been extensively restored and completed with modern elements in a »hybrised« way. All the original components are kept in white, all the new ones in black.

Consequently, black Linargo baffle luminaires now hang in the entrances, which bring light into the entrances areas and at the same tim benefit the acoustics. In addition, the filigree pendant luminaire variant of the LED Linargo was chosen as the basic lighting for the thermal spa’s boutique.


Architect: Anne Démians, Paris

product pictures: Peter von Pigage

Photos: TTC Timmler Technology

Drawing: Arch. Anne Démians


Reference document

Grand Nancy Thermal

Press: LICHT Issue 04/24

Used Products

LED Linargo pendant luminaire

LED Linargo BL