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The Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen is located in the historic old building of the former Royal Library on Slotsholmen, an island in the centre of Copenhagen. The museum, designed by Daniel Libeskind, was opened in 2004. Historically preserved on the outside, the interior – similar to the Jewish
Museum in Berlin – is a kind of a labyrinth.

In 2022, a modern entrance area was added to the exterior of the building, so that visitors can now enter the museum through the so-called »Library Garden«.

In order to not destroy the sculptural character of the entrance building, the lighting was unceremoniously sunk into the ground. Eight LED light lines were flush-mounted to match the
architecture and supplemented with recessed floor spotlights for accentuation.


Architects: Daniel Libeskind, New York | Bertelsen & Scheving Arkitekter, Copenhagen

Photographer: Hufton + Crow | TTC Timmler Technology

Productimages: Peter von Pigage


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Danish Jewish Museum, Copenhagen

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