Cour Bareuzai


A quiet break from the big city

In the beautiful heart of Dijon, ADO Lights illuminates the newly opened Cour Bareuzai. The project, led by the architects Chapman & Tailor, involved the careful renovation of a 17th and 18th century manor house that was formerly used as an office building for the local authorities of Dijon. Here, 2,300 m² of new high-quality retail and restaurant space was created over three floors. With their idea, the architects brought a little greenery to the UNESCO World Heritage city centre of Dijon.

Through a passageway designed with illuminated plant walls, one can get from the turbulent city centre into the quiet inner courtyard. The plant walls are illuminated by our LED Hayat. Not only does it look elegant, but it also supports the natural growth of the plants, so that they will provide a pleasant atmosphere for visitors to the Cour Bareuzai for many years to come. Our LED Voute shows visitors the right way and at the same time illuminates the passage to the Cour Bareuzai.

The LED Lightlines integrated in the floor are eye-catchers and signposts in one. They define the contrast between the charm of the old manor house and the newly created modern architecture. In order to create a uniform ambience, the course of the lightlines was combined with the architectural course of the corners of the building. A further highlight: The atmospheric light of our LED Drainlights with integrated WallWashers makes the walls of the courtyard shine and invites you to linger. Here, stainless steel drainage channels were combined with atmospheric LED lighting to create an aesthetic and at the same time practical product.

Architects: Chapman & Tailor

Photos: TTC Timmler Technology

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Cour Bareuzai

Press: LICHT 09.20 – Cour Bareuzai

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